What Our Customers Say

Here are some of the emails, letters and online reviews we have recieved. We love to hear feedback from our customers!

Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate all that you have done to preserve my family home.

Thanks for blocking off the cubbies at our house to keep the pigeons away. The clean up looks SO good!

The work you perform is such a valuable service. As you recall, stinky birds that took up residence in my kitchen air vent then died, had me in a desperate situation. None of the well-known pest control companies could or would help. Your prompt response to my initial request was impressive. You arrived early, accessed the situation and quickly developed a plan of action. Your price for service was more than fair and your quick and professional handling of the job was appreciated. Thank you!

9/2011 Elk Grove Online Reccomendation
Ruffled Feathers is really good.
He uses high quality materials, does the work himself and very detailed.
Young guy who is a Army vet.

7/2010 Elk Grove Online Reccomendation
Try Ruffled Feathers' Bird Control at 333-3900. Ian Hollandsworth was the young man came out and fixed the bird problem for my neighbor friend. He charged $130. I saw him getting business in the neighborhood probably from recommendations from people used him. Saw his truck running around in this neighborhood frequently.

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12/2011 - Carl M. Sacramento
When you talk about pigeons, I had pigeons. A lot of pigeons and if you noticed I used the word "HAD". Ian from Ruffled Feathers Bird Control came out and explained to me what I needed to do to get rid of them. After he came back out and installed some electric stripping that safely and humanly gave the birds a slight jolt of current, they are gone. Ian was nice and accommodating with time schedules and really was a stand up guy. The pigeons came back after a couple of weeks and so did Ian. He came back until the problem was taken care of. If you have a bird problem don't hesitate and call Ruffled Feathers Bird Control. You will be glad you did after Ian gets done with them. Thanks Ian for everything you did for us on Amnest Way, you took our bird poop away for good.

10/2011 - T.L. Sacramento
Pigeons nested on my roof beams, made a big mess on walls, windows and the balcony. Got a couple estimates from local bird controls, the number were either near or over $1,000. Tried Yelp and found Ian. His estimate surprised me, only 1/3 I had from others. He put spikes and nets to prevent any bird from landing again and his work was just as impressive. I'd definitely refer him to anyone who has bird problems. Thank you very much, Ian.

6/2010 - K.V. Sacramento
Ian is the owner and completes all the work himself. He is fantastic. We've been having pigeon issues for years and one quick call to Ruffled Feathers Bird Control changed everything. Ian came out and gave us an estimate (far cheaper than anyone else) and his work was terrific. He did more than he quoted me for and didn't change the price at all. In fact, I made a return call to him when a new nest appeared. He came out and fixed it for free. Very nice person, trustworthy and honest. Can't beat that, not to mention the awesome pricing. Thanks Ian, I am pigeon free!

4/2011 - Stefanie C. Sacramento
Ian is fantastic! I had a couple of pigeons nesting right above my daughter's bedroom window, creating a huge mess of poop below. The day I called Ian, I also called another bird control guy, who quoted me about $1,000 to clean the poop, put up spikes, and poison the pigeons. Ian quoted me $240 to do the exact same thing, minus the poison, AND he showed up at my house literally 10 minutes after we spoke on the phone to take a look. A few days later, he did exactly what he said he was going to do while I was at work, and I came home to find my house exterior free of pigeons (and their poop)! It was garbage day when he came, and he even moved my garbage and recycle cans back to the side of my house for me. Super nice guy!

7/2011 - Brad M. Rancho Cordova
Been having a major problem with pigeons for quite some time now. Received multiple quotes all in the range of $1,000 which seemed overpriced in my book so always put it off.
After seeing other reviews on Yelp I gave Ian a call who came out and quoted me $425 for the same job I was getting $1,000 quotes on.
Work was done yesterday morning and I couldn't be happier. Would highly recommend Ruffled Feathers for any bird control work.

10/2011 - Matt B. West Sacramento
Disclaimer: Ian did not do any work for me. This is the number one reason why I am yelping this. After coming out and providing a free assessment, Ian was very up front and honest in telling me that he could do preventative work, but it wasn't really needed. Thanks for being an honest businessman, Ian.